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Coming Summer 2017.

A story about race and nationality told within a surreal, lo-fi 3D adventure. From Sean Han Tani, the co-creator of Anodyne and Even the Ocean.

His name is Yuito. 

31. Hedge fund analyst. USA-born and raised.

One day he received a letter. Until then, he had led an unremarkable life.

Departing from the deathbed of his estranged father, he found himself seeking direction and identity in his father's "Memory World". What Yuito discovers in that world - and the people and places it concerns - will be the story of the game.


  • 2-3 hours long.
  • Navigate surreal and ''realistic'' areas via simple 3rd-person movement and light platforming. Easy to play.
  • Converse with characters small and large as Yuito progresses deeper into this 'Memory World'. Follow and enjoy the plot to its end.
  • Lo-fi art direction trying to push beyond PSX nostalgia.
  • Soundtrack by Sean Han Tani with contributions from talented electronic composers.
  • Developed by Sean Han Tani. 
  • Coming 2017 for Windows/Mac/Linux.

Check out the development log for more info.

Development log